This slightly unusual website is dedicated to the writing of autobiography - yours, mine, or perhaps others even less famous than we are at present. The emphasis here is on thoughtful and lighthearted, so look around for something that makes you think or smile and then proceed to enjoy yourself as best you can.


WHOLE LIFE: Looking Back While Looking Ahead is an autobiography about sales and marketing, success and failure, and why it is often difficult to say just which is exactly which. It is a personal memoir of a life in the selling profession. Funny, insightful and for better or for worse - absolutely true!

THE ART OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE SCIENCE OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR is a true story about not finding work, a car that refuses to work, and what to do when your life itself seems to no longer work. It's full of hope and laughter and was written to encourage others who might be at a similar point in their life. An excerpt is included.

IN THE LIKENESS is a narrative about the original fall of man and is written as an autobiographical account by Adam himself. Not a religious piece, but simply a retelling of the saddest story that could ever be written. An excerpt of Adam describing his last day in Eden will give the flavor of this biblical novel.

INTO THE VERY HEART is a reworking of a tale you only think you know. Presented as if written by one of the least likeable characters of all time (or at the very least one of the most misunderstood!) to explain how the funny little whale of a prophet really ended up in the sea. Man overboard indeed!

AUTOBIOGRAPHY WRITING TIPS contains ideas on how to properly set about writing your memoirs. This top ten list is a light-hearted approach with some helpful & honest comments about writing in general. Includes ideas to ensure success and avoid major pitfalls. Anyone contemplating taking the autobio plunge will find real benefit.

STOP WRITING SO MUCH WRITING! proves the eternal wisdom of the ancient adage: "Don't post anything online while you are angry." Presented here exclusively for those of us who very much enjoy writing - only perhaps we enjoy it a bit too much! Written solely to make you laugh.

THE BIO PAGE is where you will find a very brief bio of David Douglas Ford, information on the play Terminal, the entire collection of Joe Dokes business parody articles, and several truly odd essays which are guaranteed to be of interest to somebody. Possibly you!

Author photoben-franklin"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten,
either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing."
- Benjamin Franklin

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