David Douglas Ford is an author of both fiction and non-fiction, a creative thinker, a generally acceptable public speaker, a writer of odd and yet interesting essays, a terrible automotive mechanic, an acclaimed humorist, and a licensed motorist. After a long and reasonably rewarding career in sales and marketing, he has turned full attention to his writing interests. These run the gamut from pure lighthearted comedy to unique autobiographical approaches to commentary on the meaning of life and the nature of man. David and his wife of 45 years currently reside in Texas.

Below you will find links to the always popular Joe Dokes episodes, the play Terminal, and online essays written to amuse, bemuse or enthuse.

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joe-dokes Link to: FROM THE DESK OF JOE DOKES, CLU is the funniest and the saddest monthly feature ever found in a business magazine. Funny because all of the episodes the poor protagonist must endure are so true to life. Sad because all of the episodes the poor protagonist must endure are so true to life.

TerminalLink to: TERMINAL is a clever three act comedy-drama perfect for any small stage venue that holds four interesting parts (Eve, Adam, Lucifer, Gabriel) within a thoughtful and funny script. Perfect for church groups and small local theatre productions. Or any Broadway producers in need of a new smash hit!


 World's Most Uninteresting Man
 An Affair of the Golf

A Brief History of Insurance
Adam, Eve, and All That Jazz!


“People understand me so poorly that they don't even understand
my complaint about them not understanding me.”
                                                                            -Søren Kierkegaard