The Odd Tale of Jonah the Prophet

I awoke completely immersed in my own sweat.
Of course, it is possible that the shipmaster of the ship had given orders to soak me in warm sea water to arouse me from my sleep. I was thoroughly drenched no matter the cause, that much I can say for certain.
"How can you sleep?" he yelled into my face with more determination than I have encountered elsewhere in my entire life. His question struck me as rather funny and it still does today. Think about this. There is no possible answer for such a question! One sleeps because one falls asleep. What other explanation could ever be forthcoming?
Even so, my laughter in response to his inquiry caused the most forlorn look to overtake my captain. "Call on your god and perhaps he will take notice of us and we would not perish." Where he was yelling before, his voice was now a whisper, as though he wanted only me and no other living entity to hear his plea.

Since I had only moments before been floating through the heavens with only the momentum of a divine mother's call, I must assert that my slowness to correctly assess the gravity of the situation was perfectly understandable. Nonetheless, the entire gathering of some dozen sailors and their captain quickly exited my groggy presence and made progress as if they were but one man back up to the deck of the ship.

window-to-seaI could clearly hear the incantations and entreaties which they were loudly making to one another up above me, but the meaning of it all remained quite distant until they again descended upon me as a single entity with many movable, but well coordinated, body parts.

"We have cast lots and know that you are the reason for our troubles."

This time it was not the captain speaking, but the smallest man on board. His legs could not have been longer than a lion's and he roared at me just as an actual lion might have. Then each one of the sailors began to hurl questions at me. Who? What? Where? Why? I felt as though they were piercing my flesh with their words of inquiry.

And for the second time I began to laugh at them. This sounds a bit cruel on my part, but I promise you that I could not help it. They were so funny in their conviction that I might save them, even as they were so obviously lost as to what connection might exist between their unremarkable sleeping passenger and the mighty storm that had risen up to ruin them all.

The above is an excerpt from:  INTO THE VERY HEART - The Odd Tale of Jonah the Prophet


As the crowds increased, Jesus said, This is a wicked generation.
It asks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except
the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also
will the Son of Man be to this generation.    
- Luke 11:29-31



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The Odd Tale of Jonah the Prophet





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