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gift givingAs soon as you turn age sixty-five, everyone begins encouraging you to write down some thoughts and stories about your life up to that point. It's very flattering! And yet, how to begin?
MY LIFE STORY As Lived and Written by: YOU! is a simple fill-in-the-blanks approach that makes it really easy for anyone to write an autobiography! Plus, it's guaranteed to bring back nothing but smiles and fond memories while also creating a meaningful written legacy. The lighthearted layout, easy format, and entertaining illustrations are engaging from first page to last and the book's ten chapters cover the entire journey from childhood right through to the present day. 
There are no technical challenges of any kind, you simply open the cover and begin. It’s a lot of fun and the 120 pages of questions are so absorbing that it's easy to forget a valuable memoir is being created for family and friends.

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MY LIFE STORY  is the perfect gift whether
you are buying it for someone you care for or
you're the one writing it for those you love!



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As Lived and Written by: YOU!
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