WHOLE LIFE:  Looking Back While Looking Ahead

Ever wondered why most reasonably intelligent people would rather chew glass than go make cold calls? Or why your company's sales manager every so often reminds you of Genghis Khan? Or why the Geneva Convention condemned all regional sales meetings as "the worst kind of torture ever devised"? Sure, who hasn't?

And that is exactly why WHOLE LIFE has been published and made available for such a ridiculously low price right here at this web site.

Here at last is a no holds barred look at the unvarnished truth about insurance marketing, but with an honesty and affection for the sales profession that makes this book a little different.

There is NO insurance license required for full enjoyment - just an interest in what the sales & marketing end of the financial services world really looks like from the inside!


"Your book was a great read and so many of your experiences are similar to my own. I enjoyed the humor and
your insights so true & have already recommended it to several friends."
   -Alan Haffler, CLU, ChFC, Elverson  

“Your sense of humor comes shining through; an excellent read. It's amazing how many
similarities there are between the P&C and Life businesses.”  -Denny Schuberg, Camarillo

“Just finished your book. Great fun and definitely all nails were hit right on the head.
Thanks for giving me some insight into myself as an agent."
  -Bill Harrison, Houston

"OK, the voting is over! David Douglas Ford is the most insightful, funny, and entertaining person on the planet!
I just loved WHOLE LIFE. Thanks for saying what other people think! "
- Frank J. Garamella, Garamella, Seward & Associates, Inc.

"I enjoyed your humor and could relate to some of the sales stories because I once sold mobile homes at a lot owned
by Crazy Ray in Athens, Georgia. I especially cracked-up over the story of your trainer who took you out for drinks as
part of the training. Also, I learned a lot about insurance selling and the culture as well as the home office management."

- Ted Willi, Nietzsche Gym

"What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."   
-Friedrich Nietzsche


Whole Life BookWHOLE LIFE
Looking Back While Looking Ahead

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